01. What is a Keynote

by Karen McCullough

November 16, 2023

About 01. What is a Keynote

This module will give you a clear understanding of what a keynote presentation really is... and what is is not. We will breakdown the various types of paid speaking engagements, define the core elements of a keynote presentation, and get an understanding of where you need to begin.

Module Content

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Before we begin, I wanted to say "Welcome to the Creating & Writing Your Killer Keynote online course!" I am very proud of the work that we did in creating and writing this course, and am confident that it will be a great asset to you on your speaking journey.

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To be a speaker it is very important to know what a keynote presentation is... and, what is is not. In this section we clearly define a keynote and talk about the essential elements that are required to truly give a killer keynote presentation.

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This lesson we will define the different types of paid speaking engagements: Keynote, Breakout, Workshop and Seminar.

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This lesson will explore the eight core elements of a keynote presentation.

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Lesson 5:  Where to Begin

Feeling confused about where to start? In this lesson I give you five areas to focus on that will help you translate your content and perspective into a keynote presentation that will get booked.

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