Types of Presentations

You will find that often people use the word "keynote" as a general term to describe a variety of different types of speaking engagements.

However, a keynote is a very specific type of presentation. In this session we will highlight the 3-4 different types of speaking presentations and identity the key differences between them.

Types of Presentations:

  • The Keynote Presentation
    • High-level ideas
    • Big picture thinking
    • Moves an audience to make a positive change
    • Presented to all attendees- general session
    • 20 – 90 minutes
  • Breakout/ Workshop Session
    • Can be up to 3 hours
    • Smaller audiences
    • Presented simultaneously with other sessions
    • Presenting the “How to do it”
    • More interactive
    • Less formal
    • Speaker can use notes
    • Group activity
    • Handouts
  • Seminars and Trainings
    • Deep Dive - Lots of knowledge shared
    • Could be a day, to even a week long
    • Lots of exercises
    • Roll up the sleeves learning


Types of Presentations Worksheet

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