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Whether you are a veteran professional speaker or you're just starting out, you are always looking for a path to take your speaking career to the next level. The problem is it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start, especially in today's current climate of uncertainty.

Karen's coaching packages, workshops, and online courses are designed to help both new and veteran speakers get the tools they need to consistently deliver phenomenal in-person and virtual paid presentations that will repeatedly get booked. So you can feel confident knowing you have a clear path to "leveling up" your speaking business.

If you're looking to take your Professional Speaking to the Next Level, you can't afford to speak for less than you're worth!

It's Time To

Level Up Your Speaking Business

Create keynote presentations that you are confident to deliver, audiences are excited to hear so you can take your speaking business to the next level.

Get More Referrals

Whether you are presenting virtually or on the main stage, when you deliver an engaging message that inspires change, the audience spreads the word, and the referrals will follow.

Break into New Markets

Build new revenue streams by tweaking or adjusting the content you already have! Work with Karen to evaluate your existing programs to identify new growth opportunities. 

Effectively Use Humor & Story

Humor and stories make your performance memorable and engaging. Work with Karen to effectively use humor and develop your stories, so you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Increase Your Booking Fee

When you can clearly articulate your message, people will see the true value you deliver. Work with Karen to get you the tools and the confidence to effectively communicate your value to the buyer.


What Others Say About Karen


“When I’m looking for a coach, I want someone who has ‘been there, done that…and actually been successful. I can buy a book if I want the theory.

Karen knows what she is talking about. She has a proven track record. I’ve been a coach, taught coaching & had coaches for over 30 years.  She’s the best I’ve seen in the branding & marketing space.

My one-on-one meetings with Karen are invaluable. She gives me specific ideas about what I should do…and stop doing.

Most of all, I know that she cares. I never doubt that she wants me to be successful. She doesn’t hold anything back. She shares everything she’s got.”

Michael Friedman

/ Partner Orgmetrix, HR Consultant


“Karen McCullough is my speaker mentor, and I credit her with launching my professional speaking career.

If you want to give better talks, you need to work with Karen.

She takes the topic of writing your keynote, which can be daunting and overwhelming, and gives you tools that are simple and easy to follow. 

I’m telling you, do everything she says because she’s a doggone genius!”

Crystal Washington

/ Certified Professional Speaker


“Step by step, she generously shares the "whys" and "hows" of building a blockbuster keynote presentation, all based on what she has learned as a highly successful professional speaker- and that is a lot!

Karen never stops sharing with her students. Her monthly Bonus Zoom sessions are the perfect place to build community, to learn more, ask questions, and share ideas.

Karen's passion for her work is absolutely contagious; her Zoom sessions keep the fires of my imagination and determination going! Count me first in line to enthusiastically sign up for Karen's next new class!!”

Dr. Garreta Kipp

/ Health and Wellness Keynote Speaker, Coach, Podcaster

Coaching Packages

Level Up Your Speaking Business

Karen's Group Zoom Calls


Join Karen’s live monthly group Zoom calls where she shares insights, tools, and strategies to perfect your content and keynote delivery. Get direct access to Karen to ask her any specific questions you have. Billed monthly. Cancel anytime.

Subscription Includes:

  • 1 hour, live group calls with Karen
  • Two calls per month
  • Downloadable access to call recordings

4 Session Coaching Package


Whether you are just starting, or have years of experience and keynotes under your belt, work with Karen one-on-one, to create a new presentation or level up one you already have. Karen can help you develop your titles, stories, humor, videos, marketing copy, branding and more.

Package Includes:

  • Four 90 minute coaching sessions
  • Lifetime access to Killer Keynote Online Course
  • 1 month access to Karen’s Group Zoom Calls

Premium Coaching Package


Karen's Premium Coaching Package is packed with value and perks. In addition to the four 90 minute sessions, you will receive three additional 60 minute follow up plus 3 months of access to Karen's monthly group Zoom Calls.

Package Includes:

  • Four 90 minute coaching sessions
  • Lifetime access to Killer Keynote Online Course
  • Three additional 60 minute follow up calls
  • 3 month access to Karen’s Group Zoom Calls

Top Speaking Clients

Karen Has Presented Over 1,000 Keynotes

Hi. My Name is

Karen McCullough

With so many speaking coaches out there offering advice it can be very difficult to know who you can trust that will actually deliver the results you are looking for. As a professional keynote speaker with over 20 years of experience in the industry, I remember how frustrating it was to feel stuck and not sure where to turn when I was starting out.

But, I was determined to become unstuck! Over the years I read all the top books, studied all the experts, researched how to find organizations that were hiring speakers, and I refined and improved my presentations. I practiced, tried out new content, took note of what worked, and what didn't. And, I noticed I was getting traction!

Today, I am a globally recognized Branding Expert and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) who has delivered over one thousand keynote presentations to an impressive list of clients which includes the likes of McDonalds, Procter Gamble, Deloitte, Chase, and Honda.

It has been a truly remarkable journey, and now I want to share with you everything I have learned over the years. I want to give you the tools and foundation you need to consistently deliver phenomenal in-person and virtual paid presentations that will repeatedly get booked, drive more referrals, allow you to break in to new markets, and increase your booking fee.

Get Your Copy

The Creating & Writing Your Killer Keynote Workbook

Are you looking to level up your keynote presentations and don't know where to start? 

Get Karen's Creating & Writing Your Killer Keynote Workbook. This is the companion to her highly-rate online course, and will get you started on the path to creating keynote presentations that you are confident to deliver, audiences are excited to hear